10 Reasons Why You Should Buy Jewelry Online

by Sasha t on Jan 21, 2021

10 Reasons Why You Should Buy Jewelry Online - Jack Weir & Sons

The days of spending hours at the jewelry store, trying to find the right piece from a limited selection are gone! In 2021, online jewelry retailers offer a vast selection of high-quality goods that are fairly priced and are more accessible to you. The internet has revolutionized the way we shop, and simplified everything down to a search and click. Here are 10 Reasons Why You Should Buy Jewelry Online.

1. Large Selection 

No matter where you live, in a city like Los Angeles or a small suburban town, when it comes to buying jewelry online, the sky's the limit. You can now explore thousands of websites, collections, and social media pages to find your dream piece! You now have access to the best jewelers of Paris, London, Los Angeles, NY, and other jewelry capitals. Pro Tip: Use specific search terms like “Antique Victorian Emerald Gypsy Ring” to find EXACTLY what you are looking for!

Antique Gypsy Ring

2. Better Prices

Pricing is one of the most important factors when shopping for jewelry. Unlike brick and mortar stores, online jewelry retailers don’t have to pay extremely high rent for a prime location on Rodeo Drive, 5th Avenue, or Ginza. They also don’t have to hire dedicated salespeople or doormen and security guards. All these factors are usually calculated to the price of jewelry items. Credible online retailers usually price their pieces fairly, with an intention to sell online.


Vintage Estate Jewelry


3. Compare Prices

When shopping for a specific item, you can choose and compare multiple pieces from several dealers at the same time. Pro Tip: Keep several tabs open, and compare the features of the pieces (overall look, carat weight, total weight, quality of gemstones, price, condition). You are not pressured to make a decision then and there! Your shopping experience becomes less impulsive and you can make sure that you don’t spend more than your desired budget.

Antique Engagement Rings

4. Credibility and Reviews 

Modern credible online jewelry dealers are very transparent about the pieces they sell and the value they offer. All the facts that you should know about the piece would be listed in the description. When shopping for jewelry online, you get an abundance of information, expert knowledge, customer reviews, store rating and etc. You no longer need to rely on salespeople and catchy billboards that retailers display at the store.


Jack Weir & Sons reviews


5. Quality

Online jewelry retailers understand the importance of clarity. You will be able to find information on gem quality, carat weight, metal purity, metal weight, craftsmanship, and more. Online dealers can also provide genuine grading certificates from credible gemology labs like GIA, AGL, and others. Sellers provide a lot of information to help their customers to choose the right product. After all, it’s not all about the sale! We want you to love what you buy with your hard-earned money.


GIA certified engagement ring


6. Convenience and Safety

buying jewelry online With the rise of the internet, you can shop for jewelry in the comfort of your home, with a glass of dry red wine in your hand! It’s a nice bonus, especially while we are experiencing a global pandemic and many cities are on a strict lockdown. No risk of being exposed to viruses or being affected by the local store closures. No pressure or intimidation from the salesperson, you are free to choose your best fit! Your dream piece will be shipped to you in a pretty box, and you will open it with excitement like a Christmas miracle!

7. Payments

best online jewelers
 Most online jewelers offer a variety of payment options, such as debit card, credit card, PayPal, custom payment plans, and Layaway. You have a chance to choose the most convenient payment option for you.

8. Service

buy engagement ring online
A jewelry expert is only a message away from answering any of your questions! Someone is there to provide photos on a hand, videos, or clarify any information for you. Online retailers often offer complimentary resizing, cleaning, appraisals and send you all the must-have documentation when you purchase.

9. Discounts 

Online jewelry dealers sometimes offer solid discounts to first-time buyers, newsletter subscribers, or when seasonal sales occur. Pro Tips: Check out their social media! You might find special offers on selected pieces there. For instance, on Jack Weir & Sons’ Instagram, we often post ‘Insta Specials’, play games where customers get $500 OFF a specific jewel if they guess the designer, or organize live auctions.  

10. Custom Designs 

The internet, especially Pinterest, offers you inspiration and creative ideas to help you envision your dream ring. You can come to an online jewelry store and ask them to help you design a custom piece of jewelry. Not every retailer offers this service, but many do! Thanks to technology, you will be able to see a digital 3D model before you even have to pay anything.

 custom diamond engagement ring

Things to Be Aware Of: 

Brick and mortar stores usually don’t offer a return policy. When shopping for high-value jewelry, make sure you choose a credible online retailer. 

  1. Look for risk-free shopping 
  2. Check their return replacement policy
  3. Check if they offer a money-back guarantee
  4. If applicable, make sure you are provided with an original GIA or another lab certificate. 
  5. Nice perks: free shipping, free sizing, free appraisals

Most importantly, make sure you absolutely love the piece that you are about to invest in! Trust your gut feeling and establish a relationship with a trustworthy, credible dealer. After all, we are just people who are obsessed with rare jewelry and our favorite thing in the world is to help you find the perfect piece for your jewelry collection! 



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