About Us

Jack Weir & Sons

Intrinsic Beauty, Infinite Value

Jack Weir Inc. Diamond Importers was established in 1980. At that time the company exclusively bought and sold diamonds in the U.S., South America, Europe and Asia.

We gradually transitioned into buying and selling distinctive Estate Jewelry and Vintage treasures. We began our new era with a name change to Jack Weir and Sons, when Wyler Weir officially joined the company in 2011. Wyler travels the world looking for vintage diamonds and estate jewelry. Ryan Briggs, Operations Manager, joined the team in 2013 to manage our expanding online retail presence and day to day operations..

We continue to travel extensively in search of "The finest pieces at the fairest prices." which we proudly display at the ten or more trade shows we participate in each year. Come visit us in New York City, Hong Kong, Las Vegas, Miami, Baltimore or Los Angeles. Or by appointment at our offices in Beverly Hills. Call or write for further information.

Beauty & Value

At Jack Weir & Sons, we sell beauty and enduring value. The two are inextricably linked for us. It takes trained eyes to see the beauty in jewelry and diamonds and even greater training and experience to assess the value of each of the thousands of pieces we see each year. Of course "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" but to us there's always more than meets the eye. Our sights, our loupes and our sensibilities are attuned to finding and selling those items where value comes from beauty and vice versa.