Sell Your Jewelry

Reasons to Sell Your Jewelry:

You never wear it.

Your jewelry is in a safety deposit box and you haven't seen it for years. 

You and your siblings have inherited jewelry and it's too complicated to split up; easier to sell and divide the money.

Your ex is a snake and you want to sell everything associated with them. 

You want to cash in, take the money and see the world before another lockdown.

Tastes and styles have changed and you need a new look.

You want to upgrade or you want to downgrade and buy a boat.

The Procedure: 

1. Fill out the form bellow 

2. Attach Photos

3. Attach any certificates or any paperwork you have on the piece (if any)

4. We will evaluate the information you've submitted and get back to you within 24 hours


1. Guaranteed fair pricing

2. Guaranteed immediate, same day payment

3. Guaranteed confidentiality

    Please contact us at or by phone at 310.276.1280, or leave your contact information through the form on this page.

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