About Jack Weir & Sons

Jack Weir & Sons, father & son owned and operated jewelry business est. 1980

Jack Weir got his 1st taste of jewelry working at a jewelry store on Canal Street in New York City; which is now considered “The Old NY Jewelry District”. Jack instantly fell in love with diamonds, their geometry, and their radiant sparkle. This experience inspired him to discover oil- painting. Jack spent hours at a time, laying the soft brush strokes on a blank canvas, depicting rays of sun bouncing in the diamond’s facets.

Jack’s love of beauty found in nature led him to venture out on his own and start Jack Weir Inc. Diamond Importers. He traveled the world, from the diamond trading center in Antwerp, all across Europe, Asia, and South America, searching for the most exquisite diamonds. He would bring back precious gems from his treasure hunts abroad; and would supply the finest jewelry stores from 5th Avenue to Rodeo Drive.

Jack’s son Wyler, grew up in the business and always had a curious mind for gemology and entrepreneurship. When he was only 17, Wyler joined his father on a business trip to South America. Wyler’s passion for culture and traveling the world drew him into what later became the family business - Jack Weir & Sons.
In 2011, when Wyler graduated from USC, he joined the business full-time. Ever since then, the father & son duo travel the world together, sourcing rare diamonds, irresistible colored stones, coveted vintage, and signed jewelry.
Nowadays, Jack Weir & Sons, Inc Diamonds & Estate jewelry team includes the founders - Jack & Wyler, as well as a team of talented and knowledgeable jewelry professionals. Our company takes pride in the authenticity and quality of our jewels, as well as our exceptional customer service. 

Jack Weir & Sons Team, About Us

We specialize in vintage and antique estate jewelry that features precious gemstones. On our site, we offer the most incredible large carat diamond engagement rings that feature Antique Cut diamonds like Old Europeans, Old Mines, and Antique Cushions. We also offer a large selection of luxurious signed jewelry from the best designers in the world - Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Bvlgari, Tiffany & Co, Boucheron, and others. We also have a wide collection of historical jewelry from Retro, Art Deco, Victorian, Edwardian, and other memorable eras. 

Luxury Vintage Estate Designer Signed Jewelry


 “There’s something magical that happens when you’re all dressed up: not your day to day, but more excited to be on your way as your ultra-glamorous self. All the preparation and perhaps fussing drops away when you finally close the clasp on your exquisite diamond necklace, or your armful of bracelets, your manicured hands sporting subtle or not-so-subtle bling. The night is yours. You know your own elegance and radiate it as you enter the room. “


  Our family owned business has been adorning clients for over 40 years.

When shopping with Jack Weir & Sons, we guarantee: 

  • Authenticity of every piece in our collection
  • Free overnight shipping 
  • Complimentary ring sizing 
  • 100% 7-day money-back guarantee
  • A Portion Of Your Order is Donated to Baby2Baby

Please email marketing@jackweirandsons.com for any questions or inquiries.