About Jack Weir & Sons

Founded by father and son, Jack and Wyler Weir, Jack Weir & Sons is a family-run estate jewelry company located in the heart of Beverly Hills. We have a rich history in the business of diamonds and a passion for discovering unique, exquisite pieces from all over the world. We pride ourselves in sourcing exquisite diamonds, irresistible colored stones, and highly coveted, signed pieces from some of the world's most celebrated designers. We’re grateful to be a destination for one-of-a-kind estate jewelry and a small part of your life’s most celebrated occasions and milestones. 

At Jack Weir & Sons, we pride ourselves on our unwavering commitment to our customers, offering personalized service and expert guidance to help you discover the perfect piece to celebrate life's most cherished moments. Our incredibly talented team of dedicated professionals is here to assist you, whether you are searching for a rare antique gem, a custom design, or a unique statement piece that captures the essence of your individual style.

We specialize in vintage and antique estate jewelry that features precious gemstones and ranges from the Victorian era all the way to modern day.  At Jack Weir & Sons, we offer the most incredible antique cut, large carat diamond engagement rings featuring hand-cut stones such as old mine cuts and old European cuts. We also offer a large selection of signed jewelry from the most celebrated designers in the world - Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Bvlgari, Tiffany & Co, Boucheron, and others. 

We invite you to step into the world of Jack Weir & Sons and embark on a journey through time and explore our exceptional collection of estate jewelry, where the beauty of the past creates a new way to look at the future. We look forward to helping you find your own piece of history to treasure for generations to come.

Our Story

Jack first returned to Paris at age 18 at which time he was exposed to the great art museums.  He was particularly interested in the Impressionists, and the great French painters of the early 19th century.  He later became intrigued by the deconstruction of traditional art into abstract art in general. Admiring the work of artists such as Kandinsky, Rothko, Klee and Stella, he began to experiment on his own. Though untrained, Jack had a feel for the geometric shapes and balances that drew him toward the hard-edge color fields, intuitively exploring the diamond shape.  Years later the paintings he had refined over time were hanging prominently in the Greenwich Village apartment he shared with his girlfriend, who is now his wife.  A friend who was working in the diamond business saw the paintings and remarked “Jack, I think you would like to work in the diamond business.”  

After studying diamonds at the Gemological Institute of America, he was struck by the natural properties of the diamond, the hardest mineral known, and that in its natural state it is opaque, and looks like an ordinary rock. It takes the trained eye of a diamantaire to see the potential of the diamond rough. After the rough diamond is cut and polished by expert cutters, all its intrinsic beauty is revealed.  Jack wanted to work with polished diamonds and began to establish his own business, Jack Weir Diamond Importers, Inc. in 1981, buying and selling to the diamond trade. 

In the early days, Jack focused on finding stones in Belgium and selling them in the States, but it wasn't until a spontaneous trip to Brazil with a friend that everything clicked. "I saw these big light-yellow diamonds, three, four, twenty carats - some of the most beautiful stones I'd ever seen. But realistically I had no idea if there was a market for them in the States."  He followed his instincts, purchased a few, and they sold immediately, with his customers asking for more. Brazil quickly became a regular stop in his travels, not just for the diamonds, but also for the people and culture. Jack's love of travel and its necessity for his work has so much to do with why he enjoys what he does.

As a family man who was often away from home, it was important for Jack that his children understood what he did while he was away. When each child turned 17, he took them with him on a business trip.  Wyler recalls the trip clearly, "The summer before my junior year in high school, we took a trip just the two of us to Brazil, Argentina, and Chile. I completely fell in love with these countries, the culture, the languages, and the people. When we would go to different appointments, it didn't seem like he was working - it seemed like he was catching up or getting to know someone, and if a deal worked out, great - but if it didn't, it was still a worthwhile trip. Traveling is always worthwhile."

Wyler was so intrigued by the business that he set up his college schedule to visit the diamond district in LA every afternoon. Wyler remembers how difficult the job was - selling diamonds to jewelers - and the absolute thrill of his first sale: an antique diamond and sapphire brooch. Wyler continued to work in the industry throughout college, even taking a year off to work in the New York diamond district. It was in New York that he gained critical knowledge about the product and even more critical knowledge about the audience.

As Wyler finished his degree at USC, he started an online network, one of the first of its kind, for dealers to buy and sell online instead of being beholden to what was available in their region or at trade shows. Though it was quite successful, Wyler quickly realized that what truly moved him were the relationships he made and the broad swath of people he had the opportunity to connect with.

It was at this point that Jack and Wyler saw an opportunity to create something exceptional. Together, in 2011, they established Jack Weir & Sons, combining their shared passion for relationship building, creativity, and of course, beautiful jewelry.


Today, Wyler serves as the CEO of Jack Weir & Sons, with a steadfast dedication to making it the premier destination for antique diamonds and jewelry. Under his leadership, the company continually strives to marry the allure of the past with the innovation of the present, creating a seamless and frictionless user experience for its extremely valued customers. They have built a team of passionate experts who derive endless amounts of joy upon connecting a piece of jewelry with a new home. 

Both Wyler and Jack continue to be avid travelers and cultural enthusiasts, always on the lookout for new ways to express their creativity and love of beautiful jewelry. They scour the globe for hidden treasures, curating a diverse and distinctive collection that reflects their discerning taste and expertise, but most importantly, enhances your quality of life and makes you smile.

Our company takes pride in the authenticity and quality of our jewels, as well as our exceptional customer service. When shopping with Jack Weir & Sons, we guarantee: 

- 7-Day 100% Return Policy
- 30-day return for store credit
- Free shipping both ways
- 100% authenticity guarantee
- Free ring resizing with purchase (sizing doesn't affect the return policy)
- Free appraisal with purchase

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