Styling a Bridal Stack: The World is your Oyster

by Sasha t on Jul 12, 2023

Styling a Bridal Stack: The World is your Oyster - Jack Weir & Sons

Maybe you are in the market for an engagement ring. If so - congratulations! 

Or maybe you are in the market for a wedding band to go with your engagement ring? Even more congratulations!

Today we’re going to discuss the best ways to think about how an engagement ring and bands work together to create a beautiful stack unique to you and your beloved. The bridal stack is a stylish and personalized way to ensure your traditional engagement ring and wedding band duo suit your own personal needs from engagement to wedding and beyond. The idea of a stack allows brides (and grooms) to express their unique style and create a captivating and meaningful display of their love and commitment. From mixing metals to playing with different stone shapes, a bridal ring stack offers endless opportunities for creativity and individuality. Today we’re going to delve into the art of styling a bridal stack, providing you with tips and inspiration to achieve a harmonious and stunning arrangement that reflects your love story.

Begin with a Solid Foundation 

Building a bridal stack starts with a strong foundation. Selecting an engagement ring for your stack that is unique to your beloved is a beautiful task. It will serve as the centerpiece of the stack and be the first thing most people see. Consider the shape, setting, and metal of the engagement ring to ensure it complements their personal style since it will set the tone for the entire stack. If you are considering an estate engagement ring, think about the era, the technology used to cut the diamond, and the specificity of the metal if relevant to ensure that you are going to be able to build onto it in a way that will suit the future you and not box you into one singular era for your stack. We love seeing a vintage diamond engagement ring paired with more modern wedding and eternity bands for a truly timeless look. 

A Classic Diamond Engagement ring and diamond eternity band sit on a white background. There is copy about how you can never go wrong with the classics when choosing a bridal stack.

(MidCentury French Round Brilliant Cut Engagement Ring; French Diamond Eternity Band)

Embrace Mixed Metals 

Mixing metals in a bridal stack adds depth and visual interest to the overall look. Experimenting with different metal combinations can help bring a more contemporary look to a stack that is based on a vintage engagement ring and allows each ring in the stack to shine independently. Consider pairing a white gold engagement ring with rose or yellow gold wedding bands on either side to achieve a captivating contrast. 

An Oval Diamond Engagement Ring and a vertical baguette diamond eternity band sit on white background. The copy speaks to how much fun it is to play around with different diamond shapes when crafting a bridal stack.

(Mid-Century Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Ring; Mid Century Baguette Cut Diamond Eternity Band)

Play with Stone Shapes and Sizes 

Incorporating different stone shapes and sizes in a bridal stack adds dimension and character to your finger. You can mix shapes in any number of ways to create an eye-catching display or choose to wear the same shape but in varied sizes to achieve a more graduated or cascading effect. This type of arrangement helps to draw attention to each individual ring while creating a cohesively elegant look. 

( Vintage French Old European Cut Solitaire; Vintage Cartier Panthere Ring

Curate a Meaningful Story 

A bridal stack provides a unique opportunity to tell your love story through jewelry. Consider incorporating birthstones, heirloom diamonds, or colored gemstones that hold special significance to you and your partner. Each ring in the stack can represent a milestone or a cherished memory, creating a meaningful and personal narrative. This storytelling aspect adds depth and sentimentality to your bridal stack.

A yellow gold diamond ring on a diamond band and a platinum diamond eternity band sit side by side on white background with copy discussing how to get the most sparkle on your finger!

(Round Brilliant Cut Engagement Ring; Art Deco Eternity Band)

Opt for Complementary Designs 

While each ring in a bridal stack will likely have its own distinct design, most people like to ensure that the overall arrangement remains visually cohesive. If that sounds like you, consider choosing a wedding band or bands that complement the style and design elements of the engagement ring. Some ways to do this are through matching metal colors, stone cuts, or similar motifs or patterns. The goal is to create a seamless and harmonious flow between the rings. Sometimes it helps to include spacers in your stack to ensure that your rings sit flush with one another to prevent scratching or pulling. 

Explore Different Band Styles 

In addition to the traditional plain metal band, various band styles can elevate the aesthetic of a bridal ring stack. Explore options such as pave bands, eternity bands, bands with larger metalwork detail, or bands with intricate filigree work. These styles can add texture and detail to the overall arrangement, enhancing the visuals and personality of the stack. Finding new ways to mix and match different band styles is such a fun way to incorporate detail and excitement into your stack as your marriage evolves. 

A Ruby and Diamond Ring and a wrapped panther ring sit on a white background with copy that discusses how you shouldn't let traditions dictate what you wear on your finger if you don't want to!

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