New Year's Eve 2023 Jewelry Style Guide - Jack Weir & Sons

by Sasha t on Dec 28, 2023

New Year's Eve 2023 Jewelry Style Guide - Jack Weir & Sons

Craft the perfect look to end 2023 this New Year's Eve with our style guide and amazing jewelry suggestions from Jack Weir & Sons of Beverly Hills.

New Year's Eve is not just a night, it's a celebration of the past and a toast to the future. And what better way to welcome the New Year than by dressing the part? Whether you're a globe-trotting Jetsetter or a cozy Homebody, we've got you covered. This guide will walk you through the perfect New Year's Eve styles for five distinct archetypes: The Jetsetter, The Homebody, The Glamazon, The Homebody, and The Hostess. Get ready to dazzle in clothing and jewelry that reflect your unique personality!

  1. The Jetsetter: Sophisticated Worldliness

For the Jetsetter who's always on the move, think sleek and chic. A sophisticated jumpsuit or tailored pantsuit in black or jewel tones is perfect for the shindig of the year that just so happens to be halfway across the world. Opt for luxurious fabrics like silk or velvet to add a touch of glamor. This look should be as functional as it is glamorous and allow you to run to catch your flight to your next destination in case the party goes until the wee hours. Easy, chic jewels are a must to add a bit of flair without weighing you down and of course - a watch is a must for a jetsetter who is always on the move - nothing ruins the mood like a missed flight. 

cartier trinity hoops and bvlgari watch
  1. The Homebody: Comfort in Style

Your best friend the jetsetter just texted you “boarding, happy new year from the other side of the world” and you couldn’t be happier that you are on your couch in your pajamas and not cramped on an airplane somewhere. But just because you're staying in doesn't mean you can't or shouldn’t dress up. There are so many chic options for pajamas today that we recommend an elegant pair of pajamas partnered with a simple stud and a glimmering tennis bracelet that shimmers beautifully under the glow of Times Square on your 60 inch TV. A solid gold pencil is the perfect way to finalize the outfit - there has never been a more stylish way to write down all of your intentions for the year ahead! 

sapphire and diamond studs along with a sapphire bracelet
  1. The Glamazon: Bold and Beautiful

Your oldest friend, the Homebody just texted you a photo of her snuggled up with her chihuahua rescue for the night. She looks so sophisticated, even when refusing to be social! You can’t imagine a world where you’d want to stay in for New Years Eve. This is your favorite night of the year - the night when everyone seems to understand what you say all year long - Too much is never enough! You should be Embracing bold colors and dramatic silhouettes. A sequined dress or a gown with a daring slit will make sure all eyes are on you. And not that you would, but don't shy away from statement pieces like a feathered skirt or a metallic top. We love to see a bold look like this paired with equally as dynamic jewels - a substantial solitaire on your right hand, iconic Bvlgari on your ears and a hefty gold chain around your wrist - for a little extra resistance training as you bring your favorite drink to your lips all night long! 

bvlgari earrings, diamond ring and gold bracelet
  1. The Hostess: Effortless Hosting Chic

You are a bit bummed that your new friend The Glamazon doesn’t think she’ll make it to your champagne and caviar party - she’s too busy trying to hit all of the other parties she’s been invited to. No big deal, you already have far too many people coming over to cram into your gorgeously charming apartment. As the queen of the evening, your outfit should be both stylish and functional. A chic A-line dress or a sophisticated maxi skirt paired with a satin blouse allows you to move around comfortably. Fashion and functional need to work together in harmony when you are the hostess so it’s important to choose fabrics that are wrinkle-resistant and provide a bit of stretch. We love elegant and fuss-free pieces for the hostess. A beautiful bracelet watch will ensure that your dinner doesn’t burn while a pair of dazzling diamond earrings sparkle as you mingle with your guests.

diamond earrings and longines watch

  1. The Traditionalist: Velvet, Caviar and Asleep by 12:30

You are so happy that your wonderful friend is such a great hostess, it gets you off the hook for hosting duties tonight. That means all you have to do is show up, be your normal charming self, watch the ball drop, have your offer to help with the dishes brutally rebuffed and be home, moisturized and in bed before 1am. That’s what you call a win/win/win. A chic velvet dress with dazzling details is a perfect choice for a night like this - easy to move in, comfortable and of course, looks fabulous. To add your classic signature to the look, nothing is easier than a few pearlescent touches - especially with a bit of diamond detail. A pair of studs, a statement making watch or ring (or both) and you are all set for the night! Just don’t forget a generous gift for your hostess who does have to do the dishes (as if you ever would!) 

pearl earrings, mother of pearl and diamond watch

New Year's Eve has always been the perfect opportunity to express your unique style. Whether you're jet-setting to an exotic destination or hosting an intimate gathering at home, there's a way to bring a bit of the most dazzling version of you! Remember, it's not just about the clothes and the jewelry; it's about how you wear them with confidence and grace. Need a little help choosing the perfect pieces for your look? Reach out and we’re always here to help you find your new favorite piece of jewelry. Here's to a stylish and sparkling New Year!


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