How to Get the Engagement Ring of Your Dreams

by Sasha t on Jan 16, 2023

How to Get the Engagement Ring of Your Dreams - Jack Weir & Sons

Deciding to spend the rest of your life with someone is a huge decision. And choosing a ring to mark that decision can be very daunting. Nobody wants a Carrie and Aidan situation, even if today “A pear shaped diamond with a gold band” is actually very on trend. 

Trends don’t matter - you are what matters. This is the ring that you will wear forever to share the bond of your love with the world. It should be a ring that looks back up at you every time you look down at it. It should celebrate your love in the sparkly moments and carry you through the tougher ones. It is a symbol that real love, the marrying kind, is always strong, but is also always unique. One love is never the same as the next. 

A recently married Jack Weir and Sons couple riding horses in the woods

A recently married Jack Weir couple! 

Think about it like this - we spend so much time trying on our wedding day outfits, hemming and hawing over what we want - but rarely spend the same amount of time considering our rings. Our wedding day is a day, but our rings are forever. We want you to have the ring of your dreams and we want to help make sure you have a plan to get there! 

We know that the bond that makes a marriage magical has nothing to do with the ring that solidifies that bond, but it is very important to love the symbol of that bond that you share with the world each day. And you know what they say - if you want something done right, sometimes you have to do it yourself. 

Every couple is different, but like all other things having to do with relationships, communication is absolutely key. Having a talk up front to determine how you both feel about the engagement process (including the ring) may seem a little non-traditional and uncomfortable at first, but it makes the rest of the process much easier and when it comes to the day of the proposal itself, both parties will be much happier if the ring isn’t an elephant in the room. It’s very likely that they will be grateful for the openness and especially, for the help. They want you to have a ring you love as much as you want to have a ring you love. 

A recently married Jack Weir and Sons couple. Both groom and bridge are wearing white and baby blue. Groom is walking a dog

A recently married Jack Weir couple! 

So sit down and have the “talk” with your partner.  I’m not suggesting you sit across a boardroom table with mediators. This should be as romantic as the engagement itself. Getting cozy on the couch with a glass of something wonderful and making your intentions known can be an unforgettable intimate moment between the two of you, before the excitement of the engagement attached to the ring brings.

Some questions to consider - How can I be helpful in this process without overstepping the romantic aspect of it? How important is it that we choose the ring together or would you just like to know what I like? Is there a budget that I should consider? Is there anything that you consider a “must” when it comes to the ring that symbolizes our engagement and love for one another? 

Coming out of this conversation, you will likely have some work to do. Whether you are the one that is going to actually choose the ring or you are just going to provide inspiration, the more precise you are in what you are looking for, the happier you will be when the final product ends up on your finger. 

1. Get to know what you like - There will always be experts available to you during the process, but it doesn’t hurt to do some initial research on your own. You might want to have answers to at least a few of the following questions to help guide your search.

  • What is the most important thing to you about this ring? 
  • Are you thinking about a new ring or an antique ring? If an antique ring, is there a particular era style you are interested in?
  • Is there a particular diamond shape that you like? 
  • Is Carat size important? If so, what size are you looking for?
  • What is your metal preference? 
  • What is most important to you in the diamond you’re looking for? Color? Clarity?

Hand with 4 rings on it ranging from 5-7 carats

2. Find your team - Now that you have a better idea of what you might be looking for, it’s time to find your people. No matter what it is that you are trying to accomplish in life, finding those who can help you achieve it in the best way possible is a must. Now is the time for you to build your team, to find that trusted partner that can guide you in this process. Do you have a favored jeweler already? Start with them - even if they do not specialize in what you are looking for, they will be able to point you in the right direction and because you already have a relationship with them, should be able to do so in a way that suits your personal sensibilities. If you don’t have a jeweler you trust - no problem. Start with friends and family, do they have a jeweler they trust? No? That’s fine too - and exactly why google was invented. The important piece of this step is that it’s the first time you’ll begin to engage with the person who may point you in the right direction of the exact ring of you and your partner's dreams. Are you looking for an antique? Give us a ring. 

The jack weir and sons team

The Jack Weir & Sons Team - always here for you! 

3. Put some rings on those fingers - While you can do the entire exchange online, if going into a physical store is available to you, we suggest using that option. There are a lot of specifics to consider when making this purchase, but you also have to allow your heart to speak to you, to be able to feel it as much as you can see it. We suggest making a few of these appointments and taking the time you need to ensure you are making the right decision. Looking at rings in person will allow you to understand the scale of Carat weights, the finger coverage of different shapes and the intricacies of how each decision, each property of the stone and the ring impact all others. 

After these appointments you should have a fairly good idea of both what is speaking to you and who you want to work with. The latter is just as important as the former in finding “the one.” The company that guides you through this journey should be one that you really WANT to do business with. It could be because their values align with yours, their credibility, their online reviews, return policies, guarantees or customer service. Just like the ring itself, we all have different priorities when it comes to the companies we choose to do business with. 

4. Leave your hints - Now we go back to that initial conversation. How did you leave it? What does your partner need from you to pick out the perfect ring?  Will you present them a powerpoint presentation full of the must-have aspects of your ring? Or perhaps a vision board emailed to them with a cheeky “Q&A available over dinner at (your favorite restaurant here) tonight at 7pm”? Maybe you’ll ask them to join you at the jeweler you’ve designated as “the one” for a browsing session? Maybe you’ll have your Jeweler reach out directly to them? Or maybe you will send a link to the exact ring you want and say “This is it.”  You know yourself, your partner and your relationship better than anyone else. One thing to be mindful of, especially if you are in the market for an antique ring, is that you need to be prepared to act quickly to secure your forever ring or run the risk of having someone secure it first. It’s the beauty and the curse of a one of a kind ring. 

A recently married Jack Weir and Sons couple in a grass field next to a giant hay stack

A recently married Jack Weir & Sons couple 

Here at Jack Weir & Sons we’ve spent the last 40 years traveling to Europe and all over the world, curating extraordinary estate jewels. JWS is where the old world meets the new world. Celebrate life, preserve history, discover your own priceless heirloom jewel. We are extremely grateful for our clients and the ability to help people to celebrate their special moments through one of a kind jewelry. To share that gratitude and our strong family values, we chose to partner with Baby2Baby. So far, from November 2021-October 2022 we've donated $39,018. A portion of every sale goes towards children living in poverty to provide them with diapers, clothing, and all the basic necessities that every child deserves. 

We offer in-person and Virtual Appointments and are happy to answer any questions about your favorite jewel. 

JWS Flawless Protection Plan: 
- Free Sizing & Overnight Shipping 
- 7 Day 100% Return Policy 
- 30 Day Exchange for Credit 
- Free Appraisal with Purchase 
- 100% Authenticity Guaranteed 
  • Take action to get any questions answered by the company for you (book an appointment, inquire with questions, virtual appointment) 
  • Tell your partner that this is your ring of choice, or put them in touch with the person who was answering all of your questions. 
  • Secure the ring while it's still available. 
  • Enjoy your forever jewel! 
Sasha from the marketing team at Jack Weir and Sons
Reach out directly to me, Sasha, for any questions you might have or to schedule an appointment today!

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