Close To The Heart: Art Deco Cartier Tutti Frutti GIA Burma No Heat Sapphire Diamond Platinum Ring

by Jack Weir on Nov 30, 2022

Close To The Heart: Art Deco Cartier Tutti Frutti GIA Burma No Heat Sapphire Diamond Platinum Ring - Jack Weir & Sons

Cartier’s design influence spanned the 20th century. From the sophisticated geometries of Art Deco to the understated elegance of mid-century minimalism, their refined aesthetic and expert craftsmanship produced jewels of extraordinary originality and artistry. Perhaps nothing defines their enduring legacy better than their Tutti Frutti creations inspired by historic Mughal court jewelry. Combining the opulence of the maharajas with the modernity of French design, these are some of the firm’s most celebrated and coveted designs. 

Cartier Sketch of Jewelry Design

Jaques Cartier Photo Archives of his trip to India sourcing rare colorful gems like blue sapphired, red rubies, green emeralds carved bead as well as jewelry design sketches of jewels that feature these carved indian gems

Jacques, the youngest of the three Cartier grandsons and the firm’s gemstone expert, traveled to India in 1911 to attend the Delhi Durbar, the lavish celebration marking the crowning of King George V as Emperor of India. Jacques used his visit to establish contacts with royal families across the continent, sourcing stones and securing commissions. He acquired carved antique rubies, sapphires, and emeralds from the maharajas that he had mounted in platinum and diamond settings. This signature East meets West style would become known as Tutti Frutti, a completely original design concept that was immediately embraced by the most fashionable women of the day. Spending over 300 days traveling all over the world, we discovered this magnificent gem and immediately added it to our carefully curated collection.  

 This exceptional early Art Deco Tutti Frutti ring from 1920 features a deeply saturated no heat Burma sapphire hand-carved with a floral motif and weighing approximately 23.00 carats. The platinum mount is decorated with a graceful leaf pattern accented by 27 old European cut and single cut diamonds. The mark of a truly important jewel is its lasting appeal. Cartier continues to pay homage to its iconic history by reimagining and updating classic Tutti Frutti designs for contemporary tastes, while vintage Tutti Frutti pieces like this are highly sought after by discerning collectors and continue to command record-breaking prices at auction. 

Art Deco Period Brooch with carved blue sapphires, green emeralds, pink rubies and diamonds was sold at the Sotherby's Auction in 2022 for $260,000 two hundred sixty thousand dollars

A brooch from the same collection sold at Sotheby's for $239,400.

Original Cartier Tutti Frutti jewels are some of the firm's most celebrated and coveted designs. Here is your chance to own a museum-quality masterpiece of astonishing beauty and historical significance. Wearing something this rare is certainly the ultimate expression of personal style. 
At Jack Weir & Sons we’ve spent the last 40 years traveling the world sourcing and curating an extraordinary collection of estate jewelry. The Old World meets the New World in our broad assortment of signed vintage jewelry and rare finds. Here you can celebrate life, preserve history and discover your own treasured heirloom jewel. We offer in-person and virtual appointments and are always happy to answer any questions about any piece in our collection. 

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