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by Sasha t on Jul 19, 2023

Barbie & Estate Jewelry - Jack Weir & Sons

Barbie mania has captured America’s hearts, and we’re no exception here at Jack Weir & Sons. A true American icon, Barbie deserves all of this excitement and more. We are incredibly excited by just how seriously the cast of this new film is taking fashion, with Margot Robbie showing up at the premiere in a take on Barbie’s classic black sequined dress next to Ryan Gosling in a perfect pink suit. While we would love to adorn Margot Robbie with jewels for her next premiere (give us a call, Margot!), we thought we might just start by imagining a world where Barbie added some pieces from Jack Weir & Sons to her most iconic looks. 

Margot robbie

Photo: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic; Joe Dias/Mattel

But first, a bit of history - The Barbie doll was created by a woman named Ruth Handler who saw a hole in the existing doll market - most dolls at the time were made to resemble babies to give young girls a look into motherhood. Handler thought girls needed a doll that allowed them to use their imagination and dream as big as possible. And so, on March 9, 1959, Barbie made her debut (this makes her a Pisces, a creative spirit, which makes a ton of sense!). Over the last sixty-four years, Barbie has evolved and expanded her horizons but has never lost her chic sense of style while doing it. 

The first Barbie ever to be released wore a chic chevron strapless swimsuit and made her debut in heels of course! We could see her amplifying this look with a simple yellow-gold and diamond earring to show off her blonde hair, a mixed-cut tennis necklace to catch the sunlight, and of course a massive pink cocktail ring. But we hope she’d remember to take it all off before she goes into the pool or the ocean! 

Original barbie with our diamond huggies, ruby cocktail ring and diamond tennis necklace

Barbie Media; (Diamond Huggies; Ruby Cocktail Ring; Diamond Tennis Necklace)

“Solo in the Spotlight'' Barbie was a special edition doll released in 1960. It symbolized Barbie's versatility and allowed girls to imagine themselves as performers and entertainers. The doll remains a cherished part of Barbie's history and has been reissued in collector's editions in recent years.``Solo in the Spotlight” is definitely one of Barbie’s most iconic looks. She already wears a multi strand choker with this outfit, but we think she could add a pop of her signature pink with a cocktail ring, add a touch of tradition with these diamond and pearl earrings, and ensure that she never escapes the limelight with this diamond bracelet around her wrist. 

Barbie media along with our diamond and pave earrings, pave diamond bracelet and pink sapphire diamond ring

Barbie Media; (Diamond and Pearl Earrings; Pave Diamond Bracelet; Pink Sapphire and Diamond Ring)

Bridal Barbie was introduced in 1961, shortly after the original Barbie made her debut.  This allowed girls to dress up their Barbie dolls as brides and play out wedding scenarios. Over the years, Barbie has collaborated with various designers to stay on trend. One thing we know for sure is that Barbie would have an exquisite diamond engagement ring and eternity band and accessorize her look with as much sparkle as possible. 

Barbie with our diamond engagement ring, diamond earrings, diamond eternity band and diamond necklace

Barbie Media; (Diamond Engagement Ring;  Diamond Earrings; Diamond Eternity Band; Diamond Necklace)

Malibu Barbie made her debut in 1971. This version of Barbie was characterized by her sun-kissed tan, long, straight blonde hair, and a more relaxed and trendy fashion style. She became an instant success and captured the imagination of young girls who aspired to emulate the California beach culture. We love the idea of adorning Malibu Barbie in diamonds that will catch the gorgeous rays of the sun and have her sparkling across the beach. 

Barbie and our diamond studs, diamond tennis bracelet, diamond pendant and diamond ring

Barbie Media; (Diamond Studs; Diamond Tennis Bracelet; Diamond Pendant; Diamond Ring)

"Day to Night Barbie" was a special edition Barbie doll released in 1985. This doll was part of a series that aimed to showcase Barbie's ability to transition from a professional day look to a glamorous evening ensemble. The doll came with a variety of fashion pieces and accessories to achieve this transformation.

We love the idea of adding a little excitement to Day to Night Barbie’s wardrobe with a significant diamond tennis necklace that goes from day to night, a gorgeous channel set ring of rubies and diamonds, and of course a gorgeous gold wristwatch to make it to meetings and galas on time! 

Barbie and our diamond riviera necklace, ruby and diamond ruby and gold omega watch

Barbie Media; (Diamond Riviera Necklace; Ruby & Diamond Ring; Gold Omega Watch)

If you are interested in building or adding to your own jewelry wardrobe - please reach out to us. We add new pieces every week, so there’s always an opportunity for something different and exciting to brighten your day! 


At Jack Weir & Sons, we’ve spent the last 40 years traveling to Europe and all over the world, curating extraordinary estate jewels. JWS is where the old world meets the new world. Celebrate life, preserve history, and discover your own priceless heirloom jewel. We are extremely grateful for our clients and the ability to help people to celebrate their special moments through one-of-a-kind jewelry. To share that gratitude and our strong family values, we chose to partner with Baby2Baby. So far, we've donated $125,000. A portion of every sale goes towards children living in poverty to provide them with diapers, clothing, and all the basic necessities that every child deserves. 

We offer in-person and Virtual Appointments and are happy to answer any questions about your favorite jewel. 

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