Yours and Yours Alone What's Old is New Again Little of This, Little of That

Yours and Yours Alone

Embrace the joy of bespoke elegance where every piece is created to celebrate your unique story and style. Every carefully selected gemstone, each metal intricately shaped- it embodies a harmonious blend of craftsmanship and imagination exclusively tailored for you.

What's Old is New Again

Select from six signature JWS settings inspired by our most beloved antique and vintage styles for a ring that blends old world charm with modern craftsmanship. Settings can be adjusted to accommodate your preferred carat weight and metal.

Little of This, Little of That

Explore the freedom of creativity with our mix and match option. Picture the enchanting setting of one piece on our website paired seamlessly with the exquisite center stone from another. Our artisans skillfully combine elements from pieces featuring comparable shaped and sized stones, crafting a dream jewel that seamlessly marries the allure of a true antique or vintage piece with the assurance that it's precisely what you've always envisioned.

Men's Bands

We are happy to offer an array of custom men's bands crafted in various metals, including the timeless allure of gold, the contemporary elegance of platinum, and the rugged charm of titanium. Elvate your ring with different textures, from sleek polished surfaces to intricately textured finishes, adding depth and character to your piece. Choose from different widths to tailor your ring to your comfort and style and create a piece that is not just a perfect fit but a timeless treasure you'll cherish forever and wear with pride.

Past Creations