Styling Sapphire Gemstones

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Styling Sapphire Gemstones - Jack Weir & Sons

Styling sapphire jewelry can add a touch of elegance and color to any outfit. Here are some tips to help you wear sapphire jewelry with panache:

It’s not just about the blues 

While the iconic blue sapphire is the most recognized, sapphires come in a kaleidoscope of colors including pink, yellow, and green. Each shade tells a different story and can be paired with diverse color palettes in your wardrobe.

Classic Blue: Best paired with neutral tones like whites, blacks, and grays. It also contrasts beautifully with gold and silver.

Pink Sapphire: A romantic hue that pairs well with pastels, light pinks, or even bolder shades like maroon and burgundy.

Vintage 2.49 carat pink sapphire in the center with diamonds all around on a 18k white gold setting


Yellow Sapphire: This vibrant shade complements earth tones and can brighten up a muted outfit.

Edwardian GIA 8.59 ceylon no heat yellow sapphire cluster ring on a 14k platinum setting


Celebrate the Occasion

The way you style your sapphire jewelry will align with your occasion. For formal events, statement sapphire pieces like a sapphire hairpiece, statement necklace or a striking sapphire ring can add a touch of luxury. For more casual or business occasions, consider simpler pieces like sapphire stud earrings, a small sapphire pendant or a delicate sapphire bracelet.

  • Weddings: Consider a sapphire tiara or hairpin for a fairy tale touch. Paired with matching earrings, it can create a chic yet regal look on a bride.
  • Cocktail Parties: Large sapphire drop earrings or a chunky sapphire bracelet can be the perfect conversation starter.
  • Formal Events: A sapphire choker with a strapless gown or a sapphire brooch on a lapel can exude sophistication.

But don’t wait for a formal occasion

Don't save your sapphire necklace just for formal events. It can also be paired with a basic tee or sweater to elevate your everyday look.  If you're wearing a complex or patterned outfit, opt for simple sapphire pieces that won't compete with your clothing. On the other hand, if your outfit is simple, you can wear more elaborate sapphire jewelry to add a focal point to your look.

Layer It Up

Sapphires are versatile and work well with layering techniques. You can pair a sapphire pendant necklace with longer or shorter chains for a trendy look. Similarly, a sapphire bracelet can be stacked with other bangles or bracelets. Sapphire necklaces, especially those with a pendant, can be layered with other chains of varying lengths to create a stylish look. Consider mixing metals, like gold and silver, for a modern, eclectic feel.

Mid Century Sapphire and diamond bracelet


Mix with Other Gemstones

Sapphires pair well with diamonds, offering a classic, sophisticated look. But don't limit yourself to diamonds alone; try mixing sapphires with other colored gemstones like emeralds or rubies for a vibrant, unique style.

  • Diamonds: The clear brilliance of diamonds complements the deep allure of sapphires, creating a classic and luxurious look.
  • Pearls: The soft luster of pearls juxtaposed with the vibrancy of sapphires makes for an enchanting combination.

Consider your Metals: 

White Gold or Platinum: Enhances the coolness of blue sapphires and gives a contemporary look.

  • Yellow Gold: Brings out warmth, especially in yellow or pink sapphires.
  • Rose Gold: Pairs beautifully with pink sapphires for a romantic touch.

Remember, the key to perfect styling is confidence. Wear your sapphire jewelry in a way that makes you feel beautiful and comfortable.

A sapphire necklace can be a versatile piece in your jewelry collection, offering various styling options. Here are some tips to help you style your sapphire necklace:

Remember, the key to styling any piece of jewelry is to let your personal style shine. Wear your sapphire necklace in a way that makes you feel confident and beautiful.


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