All About Art Deco Diamond Jewelry

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All About Art Deco Diamond Jewelry

The roaring twenties gave us the setting of the groundbreaking musical, “Chicago,” the lasting cultural phenomenon that is “The Great Gatsby,” and of course nearly every other party that the Housewives throw. But for us the roaring twenties is the heart of the Art Deco era, an exciting era for jewelry. With its bold geometric shapes, vibrant colors, and innovative designs is one of our favorite design eras here at Jack Weir & Sons. This distinctive style of the 1920s and 1930s fuses modernity with elegance and reflects the era's enthusiasm for progress, technology, and luxury. Art Deco jewelry is renowned for its precise, geometric forms, clean lines, and symmetrical patterns, drawing inspiration from the industrial age - the deep fascination of machinery and technology. Key motifs include rectangles, triangles, and circles, often combined in intricate arrangements to create striking visual effects

The Art Deco movement emerged in the wake of World War I, a time of significant cultural and technological shifts. Work exhibiting Art Deco cues was first showcased at the International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts held in Paris in 1925, which aimed to exhibit the new style in architecture, furniture, and jewelry. The movement quickly spread, influencing various domains, including fashion, art, and architecture, becoming synonymous with luxury, glamor, and an overall joie de vivre. You can read more about the era here. Today we’re going to focus on the diamond jewelry from this era.  

When it comes to diamonds in the Art Deco era, one of the greatest gemstone techniques to come from this era was the advent of using calibre cut stones to create a mosaic like surface of stone with no visible metal in between. Though this was used mainly with colored gemstones, it also showed up as a way to create a new way to sparkle. This era also brought with it innovation in the cuts of larger diamonds utilized - moving from more traditional cuts to include cuts such as trapezes, half moons and triangles. This era embraced contrast and innovation of not just shapes, but colors too - incorporating diamonds with onyx, emeralds, rubies, and sapphires to produce pieces with vivid, eye-catching appearances and whose contrast gave diamonds a larger than life feeling. Additionally, platinum was the metal of the moment, with its cool tone, once again, allowing the diamond to truly shine. In this age of excess, finding ways to make a diamond seem larger than life was the name of the game. 

The era marked a departure from the delicate curves and natural motifs of the preceding Art Nouveau period, embracing instead the possibilities offered by new materials and techniques. Platinum became the metal of choice for its strength and ability to hold diamonds and other gemstones securely in intricate settings. The use of baguette, emerald, and asscher cut diamonds further emphasized the clean lines and geometric forms characteristic of Art Deco design. Art Deco engagement rings featuring these cuts as well as other popular cuts of the time like old-mine and old-European cut are a beautiful, bold way to add a bit of timeless design to your everyday look. 

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Cocktail rings became particularly popular during this era, designed to be worn on the right hand as a symbol of independence and modernity among women.

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The allure of Diamond Art Deco jewelry has not waned over the decades; instead, it has seen a resurgence in popularity among collectors and fashion enthusiasts who appreciate its timeless elegance and bold design. Art Deco pieces and Art Deco-inspired pieces are a staple on the red carpet and in fashion, with a blend of vintage charm and contemporary sophistication. Modern jewelers often draw inspiration from Art Deco, creating pieces that pay homage to the era's aesthetic while incorporating the latest trends and materials. Many celebrities wear engagement rings inspired by the era’s dynamic style. 

Like owning other fine jewelry, owning Diamond Art Deco jewelry requires a commitment to proper care to preserve its beauty and integrity. Regular cleaning with a soft brush and mild soap solution can keep diamonds sparkling and metals shining. It is also essential to store these pieces separately to prevent scratches and damage. Professional inspections and cleanings are recommended to ensure the longevity of these treasured items. You can read more about properly cleaning your diamonds here

Diamond Art Deco jewelry remains a testament to a pivotal moment in the history of design, where bold innovation met exquisite craftsmanship. Its continued popularity underscores a universal desire for jewelry that transcends mere adornment - the diamonds from this period are now a true statement of individuality and a work of art. Whether worn as a focal point of an evening ensemble or as a daily reminder of how bold true beauty is, Diamond Art Deco jewelry continues to enchant and inspire. 

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