Care Tips For Jewelry in Cold Weather

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Care Tips For Jewelry in Cold Weather

You may not think of how cold weather can impact your jewelry, so Jack Weir & Sons has put together care tips for you to make sure it lasts through all seasons.

As the winter months roll in, not only do we adjust our wardrobes and skincare routines, but our jewelry care habits need to adapt too. Cold weather can have various effects on your precious pieces, from metal contraction to potential damage from harsh elements. Today we’re going to explore how to take care of your jewelry in cold weather, ensuring your treasured pieces stay safe and sparkling throughout the chilly season of 2024.

Protect Your Gold (and Platinum and Gemstones) This Winter 

One of the biggest things to watch out for in cold weather is a lost ring. Rings tend to hold sentimental value for many reasons and the last things we want is for yours to disappear unwittingly. Why do we ask you to watch out for lost rings in cold weather? Well, cold weather can lead to metal contraction, which might affect the fit of your rings. All the more reason to wear a big statement ring this winter whose presence you’ll feel both on and off your hand. 

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While all jewelry can be worn in cold weather with the right care, some pieces are more suited to winter conditions. Opt for simpler designs with fewer prongs and less intricate details that are less likely to get snagged on winter clothing. Also, consider wearing jewelry made from more robust materials that can withstand temperature fluctuations better.

The winter’s dry air can also cause skin irritation under jewelry items. Furthermore, the exposure to harsh winter elements like snow and rain, coupled with the frequent use of heating systems, can impact the luster and integrity of your jewelry. Knowing how to navigate these challenges is crucial for any jewelry enthusiast.

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Keep Precious Stones Warm from the Cold 

Using lotions and moisturizers is common in winter to combat dry skin. However, these products can build up on your jewelry, diminishing its shine and potentially harming certain gemstones. Always remove rings and bracelets when applying creams and wait a few moments before putting your jewelry back on.

We’ve all been there - it’s freezing cold outside and then you walk into a house or office and the dry heat of the forced warm air is overwhelming.  Sudden changes in temperature can be harmful to some gemstones, causing them to crack or become loose in their settings. Be mindful of this when transitioning from outdoor cold to indoor heat. 

As you’re removing all of your outdoor gear to reacclimate to the warm indoors, one thing to be cautious of is that the fibers from gloves, scarves, and sweaters can catch on jewelry, particularly pieces with prongs or intricate designs. Take care when getting in and out of your winter gear to avoid damaging your jewelry.

Don’t Let Ice and Snow Harm Your Jewelry 

Common winter chemicals like de-icing salts and antifreeze can easily damage your jewelry. Be cautious and remove rings or bracelets when handling these substances. Also consider playing in the snow or ice to be akin to going into a pool or the ocean - you wouldn’t want to wear your jewelry into a place that would actively damage it - so keep everything stored safely at home while you enjoy the brisk winter. 

In fact, as we suggest having your jewelry professionally checked and cleaned at least once a year - we think winter is a great time to do this, ensuring that your pieces are in perfect condition to withstand the season’s challenges, get rid of the winter grime and residue that builds up from the more regular use of lotions and ensure sure your settings are secure. 

Taking care of your jewelry in cold weather is crucial for maintaining its beauty and longevity. By understanding the effects of the winter environment on different metals and gemstones, and implementing the right care strategies, you can ensure that your precious pieces remain in pristine condition. Whether it’s being mindful of ring sizes, avoiding exposure to harsh winter elements, or choosing the right jewelry for the season, each step plays a vital role in preserving the integrity and sparkle of your collection.

We all know that jewelry is not just a fashion statement - it often holds sentimental value and personal memories. Taking the time to care for your pieces in winter demonstrates not only a commitment to preserving their physical beauty but also cherishing the stories and emotions they embody. Do you have more questions about how to care for your jewelry during the winter or other parts of the year? Give us a call so we can help you ensure that you can confidently enjoy your jewelry all year round, adding a touch of sparkle and elegance to even the coldest of days.


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