We've Donated $3600 In December to Baby2Baby.

When purchasing a jewel from Jack Weir & Sons, a portion of your purchase is donated to Baby2Baby. 

Giving Back to Our Local Community 

We are extremely grateful for our customers, their business and the growth we've had in the past years within the company. We've decided to express this gratitude by giving back to our local community.  As a family-owned business, and as a collective we strongly believe in family values. Starting from November of 2021, a portion of every sale has been donated to Baby2Baby. 

In December We've Donated $3600

Acquiring new jewelry and expanding your collection is very exciting. It's even more exciting when you are making a wise consumer decision. Estate jewelry is rare and beautiful. It's been cherished for decades for its exquisite craftsmanship and sentimental value. Choosing estate jewelry vs. something modern and mass-produced is also ethical and sustainable. You are giving a new life to a jewel that was made decades ago; instead of supporting factories that manufacture thousands of look-alike jewels, and exploit natural resources.

Not only do we specialize in vintage and antique jewelry, but we also give back to our local community and do something good for the world with your help! 

By Making a Purchase You Are Supporting a Child In Need!

We will continue to make monthly donations and are excited to work with such an honorable non-profit organization. If you have any questions, please email us at marketing@jackweirandsons.com