Favorite Jewelery Through The Decades

Favorite Jewelery Through The Decades 


Victorian era was the period of Queen Victoria's reign, 1830-1900. Technological development and craftsmanship made jewelry more beautiful than ever, and more affordable. The Golden Era of jewelry. This week, we are featuring cluster accessories 

Art Deco

Think of the Fitzgerald's "The Great Gatsby". Time of dancing, partying and idealism. Art Deco jewelry features symmetry and stones cut to perfection and stylistic functionality that was prominent to the 1920-30's period. Featuring engagement rings.


During the Retro era, 1930-40's, Jewelry was large and futuristic. Typically made of yellow gold, Retro jewelry also lacked gemstones due to wartime shortages. Chunky, futuristic designs with large stones were popular. Visit our website to see retro jewelry. 

Vintage (1950-1970)

Vintage (1970-1990)

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